Crafting Your Dream Home: The EdgeWork Remodeling Process

With EdgeWork Design Build, each client becomes an integral member of the team, brainstorming alongside our designers, building crew and project manager. With real collaboration, we’ve found we are able to arrive at solutions that truly fit our clients’ lives and dreams. Furthermore, our close partnership ensures that we keep the project and expectations grounded in reality—in terms of function, design and budget. Although we take on a multitude of project types, our design process remains the same with each remodel: 1) project scope and budget, 2) planning and development, and 3) construction.

Stage 1: Project Scope and Budget

After a client contacts EdgeWork, we schedule a complimentary meeting to get acquainted and discuss your project goals via Zoom. At this time we also review our process and answer any questions you may have.

The next step would be to visit your home and take a big picture look at dreams and goals, process, budget and expectations. EdgeWork then calculates and presents the cost of providing the necessary design drawings. We present the client with a Design Agreement and a projected schedule for that design work. When we have agreed on the design contract and schedule, we take all necessary measurements, acquire any needed photographs and complete detailed notes on the current condition of the space(s) to be remodeled. Finally, the overall project scope, along with a preliminary price range, is presented to the client for approval. With approval of project scope and budget, we move on to planning and development.

Stage 2: Planning & Development

At the beginning of this stage, detailed blueprints addressing structural changes, an electrical plan and elevation drawings are created, and any other details essential to the project are addressed and documented. In addition, EdgeWork begins to assist the client in making product selections, such as cabinet materials, tile, countertops, plumbing fixtures, etc., ensuring the planning and development process can advance in a timely fashion.

EdgeWork then reviews the results of these planning steps with the client. When the plans are approved we meet with our preferred vendors and subcontractors in the client’s home to acquaint them with the home, relevant spaces and plan requirements. Then each vendor prepares an estimate for their labor and materials, and with those bids in hand, the entire project is priced out by EdgeWork.

At the conclusion of the planning and development stage, we hold a meeting to present the updated project plans, total estimated price and construction documents to the homeowner. Ensuring trouble-free construction without surprises requires meticulous planning. We do our best to prepare our clients for the patience required during this stage of the work. Unless you’ve been a part of this kind of project, it’s nearly impossible to imagine the amount of planning and detailing required to deliver a successful outcome.

Stage 3: Construction Begins

When the construction contracts are signed, EdgeWork prepares a project timeline. We hold a pre-construction meeting with the client to carefully work through the details of having construction take place in their home. All project participants will be notified with a start of work notice and a copy of the timeline, and selected products will be ordered. We continue to consult closely with the client throughout the construction stage enabling us to seamlessly manage any modifications to the project design or product selections. At EdgeWork Design Build our process enables us to keep this promise: we will work with you to bring your dreams of a wonderful home to life, and we will deliver your project on time and on budget. That is what we are known for. Contact us to learn more. We’d love to discuss your remodeling dreams and ideas with you!

Ready to transform your space?

If you’re ready to embark on your own remodeling journey or have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to turn your dreams into reality, and your project could be the next addition to our design portfolio. Let’s bring your vision to life together.

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